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Clear Transparent Balloon Sticks and Stands 10pc (40cm) set

Clear Transparent Balloon Sticks and Stands 10pc (40cm) set


  • 10pc  (40cm )pcs of transparent balloon sticks with balloon cone holders
  • 10pcs (40cm )    white stands to hold the balloon up
  • 10pcs (40cm ) double sided adhesive tabs

Product Description:

10 clear balloons sticks with balloon cone holders, 10 white stands to hold the balloon up, and10 double sided adhesive tabs for extra support instruction booklet for assembling. This sticks are transparent and are for use with LED string lights and clear bobo balloons. If you use these sticks with no LED lights other types of large latex balloons, depending on the size and weight they might not be as stable.

1. TRANSPARENT BALLOON STICKS SET. Sticks and holder are clear special designed for use with LED Balloons and led string lights

2. FREE STANDING FOR TABLE DECOR. The balloon stick set is over 20 inch from top to bottom(excluding balloons) and 35 inch long with bobo balloons , maximum height for freestanding design.

3. REUSABLE BALLOON STICK SET. The set is total reusable can and be used with normal balloons and both Clear round bobo balloons

4. HOLLOW TRANSPARENT TUBE. The stick is hollow specially designed to put LED string lights inside.

5. DOUBLE SIDED ADHESIVE STICKERS. 10 pcs of 1 cm small adhesive stickers are provided to add extra support so they can be used as is for outdoor garden parties, and outdoor weddings. 



  • Product Color: Transparent
  • Balloon stick length: 20 inches 
  • Quantity: 10 pcs  (40cm )
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