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LED Light up Bobo Party Balloons Cold White (Set of 12)

LED Light up Bobo Party Balloons Cold White (Set of 12)


  • Contents:

    12-Clear boob balloons (2 extra)

    12Cold White fairy lights of 3m(9.8ft)

    Batteries already installed in each fairy light

    Illustrative  assembling instructions

    How to use:

    LED light up clear bobo bubble party balloons. Big balloons can inflate to 16-22 inch. 3 meter/10 foot long Cold White firelight strip. Cell batteries included in each pack (no need to add extra batteries). Lights last for over 72 hours on constant full brightness. 2 extra balloon for free for a practice assembly before your event.

    Tips for using helium
    When using helium make sure to inflate the ballons larger than 16 inches in diameter, Unlike latex balloons, bobo baloons should be inflated slowly. Then attach the LED lights to anchor down the balloons .

    Tips for using air
    When using air the balloons can stay inflated of weeks. A popular party decoration choice is to attach the battery boxes to the ceiling, and let the balloons hang down upside. Perfect choice as wedding balloons, or large birthday party balloons, bachelorette party decorations that need a lot of lighting décor to fill a large area.

    What is the difference between these balloons and normal latex balloons?
    Latex balloons are more stretchy but can not achieve 100% clear transparency like bobo balloons.

    Can they be reused?
    The LED firefly string lights can be reused. Best to visit our store for a refill pack of 20/50 bobo balloons.

    What events are they suitable for?
    Perfect choice for, birthday balloons, thanks giving party decorations, independence day decorations, pool parties, graduation balloons, great for bachelorette party decorations, wedding balloons, Christmas party balloons,4th of July decorative lighting for garden parties.

    How long will the helium filled balloons float for?
    This depends on variables such as the quality of the helium, how well the knot was sealed. A safe estimation is 10 hours. Use some of the extra balloon to do a test run a few days before your event.


    • Balloon material: TPU plastic
    • Balloon diameter before inflation: 9.5'' (24cm)
    • Balloon size after inflation 12-22'' 
    • LED fairy light length: 5ft 8'' (3meters)
    • LED colour: cold White
    • Power: 2x CR2032 batteries in each string light
    • Batteries already installed: Yes
    • Lighting mode: Steady on/off
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