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LED Balloons with sticks cold white 6pc

LED Balloons with sticks cold white 6pc

6-Cold white LED strip lights of 3meters (9.8foot)
6-Sets of transparent balloon sticks and balloon holders
6-Arch supports to hold sticks up
6-Adhesive sticky tabs to hold in place
8-12-18inch clear bobo balloons

How to use
Lightsfever tabletop balloon kit does not require helium. All you need is a decent pump (not included), preferably a handheld balloon pump or electric balloon pump and you are ready to go. The product was designed specifically for dining table decoration and as a more cost effective, convenient alternative to helium balloons. The balloons can be inflated to 12-18 inch and are quite secure when assembled and stuck. The length from the bottom to the top when assembled is about 32 inches. The LED strip lights are constant. The balloons will stick directly on a table however they won't work on a table cloth as the cloth has no resistance. If you intent to use a table cloth you will need to stick them to beer mats or small plates or some other fixed surface.

1. No Helium required. Balloons with sticks can stand up straight around 30-35 inches supported by white base holders that the balloon sticks can fit into. Double-side adhesive stickers are provided to fix the base holders s to a solid surface.

2. Long LED string lights. Each balloon has a light up string lights around 10 foot (300cm) long of a cold white color. The LED string light can tread through the balloon sticks then wrap around the clear balloons and can be easily tied. Cold color can suite a variety of party themes, such as birthdays, graduation balloons, thanks giving decorations, new year parties and rustic wedding party balloons and bachelorette parties.

3. Reusable balloons sticks and holders. LED string lights can be installed inside clear balloon sticks which illuminate when turned on. The balloon is attached to the top of the holder which is on top of the stick. Balloons sticks parts can be disassembled for storage and reused again.

4. Batteries already installed. LED string lights for balloons already have batteries installed and on/off switch to control. Batteries are protected by a small tab that can be removed before use. The decorative lighting on the balloons can last for 24 hours on full brightness, and can last for a further 48 hours on a reduced brightness.

5. 100% Transparent clear bobo balloons. These clear bobo balloons can be inflated to a size of 12-18 inches in diameter (55cm). The size before inflating is 8 inches in diameter (20cm).



  • Product Color: Cold White

  • Quantity: 6-Clear balloons

  • Balloon Size: 12-18 inches (55 cm)

  • Balloon Material: TPU

  • String Light Length: 10ft (3m)

  • Battery Life: 24 hours (On full brightness)

  • Batteries: 12 CR2032 batteries

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